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The City. Seamless map system demo.

Harbour. Complex optimized map.

Parking. Map with dynamic borders.
There are many more of examples on Mehanos Youtube channel to take some understanding of game process.

There are several pictures with annotations from the racing car project Mehanos and even more pictures in the gallery

City seamless map

1. Seamless map City. Krasnoarmeyskaya street, Rostov-on-Don. View A.

2. Seamless map City. Krasnoarmeyskaya street, Rostov-on-Don. View B.

3. One of the first ready city blocks on map City. Voroshilovskiy avenue.

4. Some areas were not made the way they look in real life, but usually we make all 'as is' - the position, textures and scale we took from real objects.

5. Isometric view to the City map from high. There are ~700 objects on map, normally they downloaded according to player position.

6. Top view to the City map.

7. One more seamless City map example.

8. At first times we dreamed to make learning courses for Bus drivers :)

Car painting system

9. Player can add decorations to his car in Paint room.

10. Ready decoration can be saved as distinct object and turned off from car or exchanged.

11. This gun assembled from decals they situated one over another.

12. In the game all decal layers are rendered to one UV texture according to current quality settings and than that texture is applied to the car.

13. There are many ready paintings in the game shop, player can purchase customise they for its own taste.

Racing tracks

14. Harbour - is the second most complex map after the City. Game geometry was well optimised and LOD system used.

15. Harbour - top view, really complex map!

16. Famous racing track example - Hockenheimring.

17. Track the Lake was made specially for testing grip of the tires on different winter surfaces

Live realtime game examples
Make fast test drive on several game maps presented below. For best FPS results you may use FireFox or Google Chrome browser.


If you can not see any pictures please deactivate YesScript and NoScript FireFox addons!